Five Gifts You Can Give Your Valentine

This year I wanted to gift my significant other something nice since it’s our first valentine’s day as an engaged couple! I wanted it to be something very special and very meaningful. I kept searching through tons and tons of blogs, stores, gift guides to see if something would catch my eye but it just wasn’t good enough. Then over a conversation with him, it hit me! There are far more valuable things I can give him than well -things (materialistic things). Now, don’t get me wrong, I love getting him all the typical guy things (watch, cologne, shirt, shoes etc.) but since we have been together for almost a decade, I have gotten him plenty of things over and over again.

Here are the five obvious but not-so-obvious gift ideas for your valentine…

The Gift of Quality Time

You would think that just because people are in relationships, quality time is a given but it actually isn’t. We all live extremely fast-paced lives juggling many different types of commitments and responsibilities. I know we all feel we never have enough time and it is probably true to an extent but set aside time every day, week or month (whatever fits your schedule) to spend with each other doing things together. 

The Gift of Active Listening

How many of you listen to respond? You’re not really listening, you are just waiting for your turn to respond? I am guilty of this and I am trying hard to actually listen. It is a work in progress! You can give your partner your ear without interruptions from you which will help foster better communication.

The Gift of Space

I know I mentioned making time for each other above but equally as important is being able to give your partner space. Give your partner some space so that they can spend time doing things that will help them connect with themselves.

The Gift of Appreciation

Take the time to let your partner know you appreciate them. Be grateful for the little things they do and actually be vocal about it. This will constantly reinforce how much you value this person and all that they do for you.

The Gift of Respect

You may have a different outlook on a matter or hold a different opinion from time to time and disagreements are bound to happen but always remember to respect your partner’s differences. Show respect towards your partner whether that is behind closed doors or out in public.

I know this seems more like relationship mumbo-jumbo than actual gifts but Valentine’s Day is a celebration of relationships and what better gift to give than what will help promote a long and healthy relationship?!

Tip – You can type these up and have it printed on some cardstock paper to give it physically or even make a little video. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time…



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