Come with me to Montreal, Canada

Where do I start? I am pretty sure I gained 5 lbs over the 4 days I was there.  The city emanates quite the English-French cultural mix. I have not been to Europe (yet) but I have seen pictures of the streets and the streets of Montreal exhibited extremely similar aesthetics.
This trip was easily one of the best foodcation’s I have ever had. The variety was delectable!! Old Montreal and Mont-Royal areas of Montreal were filled with restaurants and cafe’s! I read somewhere that Montreal has more restaurants than NYC per capita and I can definitely see that in these two parts.
It was pretty cold the last two days but there is something about the cool crisp air of fall time that I just love!

Old Montreal 

I could get lost walking around in this part of Montreal.  This is the oldest part of Montreal and one of the oldest cities in North America! Cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, historical sites along with some amazing restaurants/bars and art galleries occupy this area. We ended up going back here almost every day because it was so close to our Hotel.
A few places worth checking out in this part of the city…
Notre-Dame Basilica 
Pay the entrance fee for the tour to get a history lesson of this place. Worth it! 

There are SO many in this part of town! Take your pick. We ended up going to Maison Christian Faure

Rue Saint Paul 
The heart of Old Montreal. 

Simply amazing!!! Ready for picture overload? Well, ready or not, here they come….
Les 3 Brasseurs – MUST visit for that platter and beer samples!
Passionfruit sangria here is SO good!

Bol Burrito from Food Truck Festival! 
Olive & Gourmando – Food was good but wait was LONG!
Savory Poutine from Dirty Dogs! May not look great but it tastes SO good!
Hazelnut Puffs from Mr. Puffs 
Food Truck Festival! So much fun! 
Chinatown! Some pretty cool food places here!
West of downtown Montreal, this place is nestled upon a small mountain. Restaurants and bars line the streets. Be sure to take a walk in the Mont-Royal Park up towards the Chalet for some seriously breathtaking views of the city. 
Great Food!! St. Viateur Bagel
One of many Murals 

Mont Royal Park
The view from the Chalet on top of Mont Royal
Jean Talon Market 
Fresh everything!! Fruits, veggies, desserts, drinks! The selection is huge and quite diverse. It is a very lively place to wander around. 

Few things 

Getting around: Cabs can get pricey so I highly suggest walking or using the metro system. The metro system in Montreal is one of the cleanest I have ever seen! It is pretty easy to navigate and day passes are available! 
Money: US dollars are widely accepted , however expect change back in Canadian currency. American express is not widely accepted but visa and mastercard are. Canadian currency is obviously a no brainer. 
Language: English is widely spoken! I didn’t feel lingually challenged given that I know very little French. 
People: Really nice people! Quite friendly and joyful! 
Passport: Take it with you! It is needed for entry into Canada and if you are coming back to the USA, you need it to enter back as well. 
Have you ever been to Montreal? If so, what was your favorite part? 
Until next time…