H&M – Fashion Friday

Hey Guys!

For this week, I wanted to feature H&M! This has become one of my ALL time favorite places to shop at. Few years ago, this store was a hit or a miss for me. But lately, they have stepped up their game BIG time. They have their Memorial Day Sale going on right now, so a lot of the items below are on sale!! Plus, this store is very affordable.

Let’s get to it…

1) Sleeveless Shirt Dress – $24.99 ( On Sale! Orig $34.99)

Can be dressed up or down! 

2) Patterned Maxi Dress – $19.99 ( On Sale! Orig $29.99)

Perfect to throw on for this weekend! 

3) Patterned Skirt – $24.99 ( On Sale! Orig $49.99)

Love the vibrant print! 

4) Denim Jacket – $19.99 ( On Sale! Orig $39.99)

Staple wardrobe item 

5) Patterned Tank – $ 7.99 ( On Sale! Orig $12.99)

Pair with the joggers on the bottom! 

6) Joggers – $ 9.99 ( On Sale! Orig $ 24.99)

Obsessed with matching co-ords! 

7) Men’s Henley Shirt – $ 9.99 ( On Sale! Orig $14.99)

Casual wear 

8) Men’s Linen Pants – $19.99 ( On Sale! Orig $ 29.99)

Would be great for this weather! 

9) Bangle Bracelet – & 7.99

How colorful! 

10) Ankle Chain – $9.99

Latest addicton – ankle chains! 

Like with most shopaholics, you guys know this list can go on and on right? I always have to restrict myself to 10 items for this post or this would be like a 20 page post. Also, you can click on the name of the item and it will take you directly to the page to purchase it!

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!!

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