Mother’s Day

Ten Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is a day that serves to remind us just how important our mothers are! I do think that one day is not enough to appreciate and acknowledge everything our mothers do for us, nonetheless I think that this day reminds us not to forget the vital role that moms play in our lives! Do you ever just stop and think about everything  that our mothers do for us? I always catch myself watching my mom be a “mom” and can’t help but thank the universe enough!
I can’t thank the universe enough for blessing me with this person I call mom! This person who puts her needs, happiness and well-being aside for me. This person who teaches me right from wrong, guides me, forgives me, loves me, cries for me and with me. This person who knows me better than anyone.  This person who defines what unconditional love means. This person who is ALWAYS there for me by my side!!
This Mother’s Day be sure to hug your mom and tell her how much you love and care for her! Anddd if you want to get her something other than flowers/chocolates or something in addition to flowers/chocolates, then check out my list below!
1) Josie Maran Sugar Body Scrub – Perfect to unwind with in the shower.

2) Bonsai Tree  – Plants make great gifts and additions to any space! There is just something so positive about having plants around. 
3) Sephora Skin Care Favorites Sampler – Great gift for the mom who is into skincare and/or wants to venture into skincare.  
4) Spa Day – Schedule a Spa Day for your mom! I am sure a day away to just relax would be perfect for any mom! A massage, facial, and mani/pedi are all things that can help a mom feel pampered & rejuvenated! 
5) Perfume – You really cannot go wrong here! Get her favorite perfume or something new she might have had her eyes on. 
6) Paint-Nite – Set up a day for you and your mom to go participate in a paint-nite. If you have never been, I highly recommend this! You do not need to know how to paint and it is a lot of fun! Be sure to either look up paint nite on groupon or use the 35% off code that shows up when you first log on to the website to save some $$$. 
7) Mug – If your mom loves to drink coffee or tea , then this is perfect! There are so many variations you can find out there! 
8) FitBit – For the mom’s who are into the active lifestyle or looking for motivation to get into it! 
9) FitFlops – My mom suffers from foot problems and back problems and these shoes are heaven sent for her! She is very picky when it comes to comfort and style and the fact that she loves this brand, I am sure many moms out there will love them as well! 
10) Handbag – Handbags are so versatile and come in many different colors, shapes and sizes! Perfect for moms who like to accessorize their look and add some fun to their style. 
I hope the gift list was helpful and gave you some ideas! 
Even if you don’t get her anything, be sure to tell her how much you love her and if you can then spend some quality time with her.  That is probably the biggest gift a mom can get 🙂
Are there any special plans you have with your mom? My mom is working on Mother’s Day so I am trying to figure something out for her to do after she gets off from work. 
Wishing all the mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!!
Until next time..