F21- Fashion Friday

It’s Friday!

This week flew by so fast! The weather has been acting up again and I am so happy it’s finally Friday!! The gloomy weather just makes me want to be in bed all day, bundled up in a warm blanket, sipping on some Starbucks and catching up on all the shows!

For this week, I chose Forever 21. It is a great place to find affordable and trendy clothes. The quality is a hit or a miss for me. Sometimes, I find really good quality ( and I am talking about the material) that lasts me for a very long time but then there are those times where I have worn something once and that was it because it either shrank or the material did not hold up like it should.

Anyway, despite my issue with their quality, I will not stop shopping there because I usually end up finding good deals.  For the price and selection, I don’t think you can go wrong!

Let’s get to it..

1) Tassled Lace-Up Sandals – $24.90

2) Layered Necklace – $ 5.90 
So Dainty! 
3) Nude Wedges – $27.90 
Staple item. 
4) Yellow Bikini Top – $17.90 
     Yellow Bikini Bottom – $ 15.90
The straps = love! 
5) Floral Maxi – $24.90 
Perfectttt for spring. 
Love Love Love!! 
7) Tie-Waist Shorts – $ 9.90
Great to mix and match with many tops! 
8) Eyelet Skirt – $24.90 
Love how feminine this is. 
9) Peasant Top – $22.90 
Bohemian vibes. 
These are all my picks for this week! I could have probably made a 15 page list of Fashion Friday picks from Forever 21. I mean, it was so hard to narrow it down to the 9 items above!! 
Mother’s Day Gift picks will be up tomorrow! 🙂 
Have a good weekend! 
Until next time…