Happy Hump day! Today, I want to have a Screen to Screen with you! Screen to Screen is what I will be labeling the posts where I want to have a heart to heart with you ( the readers!). Since you will be reading this through some type of screen, I figure I would call posts like this “Screen to Screen” instead of Heart to Heart (Is it corny enough for you?). 
Heads up – This post is a little different than the past few that focused on travel and fashion but that is the good thing about blogging! I can share my thoughts on everything with you, not only travel and fashion but even matters of the heart and soul. 
So let’s get to it..
Have you ever read this quote? 
“Actions always prove why words mean nothing” 

I was browsing through on Pinterest ( may or may not have spent an hour doing so…) and this caught my eye. It was one of those moments where I read it and I was like hmm, this is speaking to me right now! I am always skimming through pinterest and I see a lot of quotes on there but this one caught my attention to the point where I was like, I have to blog about this! 
I have read a similar quote before, something along the line of actions speak louder than words. I think there are many variations out there of what this saying implies. Anyway, I had to ask myself if what this quote implies is infact true. Do your actions mean more? or do your words mean more? 
I sat there for a few minutes and thought about this. I really had to ask myself this because it was one of those instances where you ask yourself what is the meaning of this? Does this mean what I think it does or is it just bs? 
After some time and reflecting back on my own experiences, I think it speaks the truth! At least to me, it does. 
Here’s why …
We are always talking about things we want to do right? Whether that is getting fit, being more productive, being more successful, learning a new recipe, mastering a certain occupation, learning a new trade, starting your own business, traveling, making time for your loved ones, telling your family you love them more often, getting your tires rotated, taking better care of yourself or your house or car, taking better care of your relationships etc etc.. ( I can probably make a 15 page long list of things I talk about doing that I have not yet done). You get the point? We are ALWAYS saying how we will do this and we will do that or how I meant to do that or this. 
Well, did you do it? Did you do any of those things you “talk” about? I can tell you I haven’t done half of the sh** I talk about. Okay, maybe more than half but I really haven’t! At the same time, there are a few things that I have done, starting this blog is one of them. But this is why this quote stood out to me, because with me talking about a lot of these things I “want” to do or I “intend” on doing, I haven’t done the most important part of it all…taking an action that will get me closer to achieving it ( imaginary lightbulb over my head turns on). I mean the whole reason this blog exists, as tiny as it is, is because I turned my words into action. I did that, nobody else did that for me. I did. 
Then I thought to myself that all of these things I “talk” about really have no meaning, they have no worth! I mean, I say I am going to quit Starbucks, has that happened? No! Why? Because I am not taking any action towards that. I just say, I have to stop going to Starbucks and I leave it at that. I do not do anything to try and help me achieve what I said I will do.  Talking about it isn’t going to get me any closer!!  I have to make the choice to take action, a conscious effort, that will help me achieve all of the things I want to do. 
Do you talk about all of these things that you want to do or say you will do but haven’t really done anything about it? Do you then get disappointed because you have not accomplished the things that you want in life? It is because you can’t wait around to eventually start working towards your goals, dreams, aspirations etc. Waiting isn’t going to get you any closer, you actually have to do something like TAKING AN ACTION towards it. 
So, stop talking and start doing!! This is what I told myself ( yes, I had this conversation with myself, don’t judge) . I even wrote this quote down on my chalkboard for me to see every morning. I want it to serve as a reminder, that my actions ( and yours!) mean more than what I ( or you) say.  This also implies to when you are talking to someone else. Let’s say someone close to you tells you they will do something for you or for themselves, whatever the case may be – I want this quote to serve as a reminder,  that I will not believe what they say until I have seen them do it. 
It’s that simple, their actions will literally be what I take as a testament to what their words mean. I really do think that looking at words in this manner, can save us from suffering from disappointment not only in ourselves but in others as well. 
With that said, I want to end this post by telling you one of the things I always talk about doing- learning to say no (blogpost about this is in the works) . I am always all talk when it comes to this topic but I never really follow through on my own words. So, I am going to be taking actions towards teaching myself to say no. Say no to things, people and situations that don’t please me or make me happy. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on the post! Is there is anything that you always talk about doing but haven’t really taken any action towards? Do you believe what this quote implies? Do you believe that actions always prove why words mean nothing?
Until next time,