Come with me to Kaua’i, Hawaii

Land of Mahalo 
Travel Diary

It is hard for me to explain my admiration and love for the island of Kaua’i. If you are not aware, Kaua’i is one of the eight islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands. It is less commercialized and less touristy ( is that even a word?) compared to other wider known islands of Oahu and Maui (both of which are on my list to visit) but do not let that stop you from visiting. If you have never made it to Hawaii but plan on going, do not overlook this island!!
The relatively circular island is known as the “Garden Isle” because much of the center part of the island is covered in a tropical rain forest with beaches along the coastline ( Imagine a somewhat circle of an island with a jaw dropping lush mountains in the middle and beautiful beaches surrounding the coastline, does not make you want to jump on a plane right now?!).
If you have seen Jurassic Park, you have had a glimpse into the beauty of this island. The only thing missing during my trip was spotting Dinosaurs ( that would have been epic)! This place looks like it is out straight out of a movie but it’s not, it’s real and it exists on our planet!!!

Mount Waialeale 

This mountain occupies the center of the island and is known to be not only the wettest spot on the island but also one of the wettest spot on our planet! It rains almost all day long in the center and the majority of the mountain is uninhabited only accessible by air. Since it is located right in the center, much of the island’s habitable areas are at the base and surround the mountain offering wonderful views from different angles. The closer you get to the center, the more it rains.

Hanalei Bay 
The largest bay in Kaua’i with gorgeous white sand beaches on one side and majestic mountains in the background! The beaches in this area attract many visitors and is the northern most point of the island. 

Queen’s Bath 

A natural tide pool in the Princeville Region of Kaua’i, this sight requires a 10 minute hike and a walk across some rock formations. Due to the rain on this island, our hike was slippery and quite muddy so be prepared for that if you are to visit!! However, once you get past the mud, the view of the pacific ocean is like none other! The region has made some safety tips available to visitors as the hike can be dangerous at times. Click here for safety details. 

Queen’s Bath Tide Pool

Waimea Canyon 

This 14 mile long canyon is described as the grand canyon of the pacific and rightly so!  The drive to several look out points in the state park is nothing short of a scenic painting. All of the lookout points offer a different view into the canyon and the higher you go , the deeper you can look into the deep rugged terrain.
Waimea Canyon 

Waimea State Park 

Napali Coast 
Stunning. Breathtaking. Mind-blowing. Jaw-dropping. Out of this world. Magnificent. Unreal. I can go on and on and on about just how scenic this sight is. It is accessible by boat, air or a hiking trail but not by car. We opted for the boat ride to get unearthly views of the cliffs and the pacific ocean as well. The boat will help you see one corner of the cliffs while the air will allow you to have an aerial visual and the trail offers a side view. There is a lookout point called Kalalua Valley ( accessible by car) which looks into this valley from the inner portion of the island. However, the look out point does not offer a look at the jagged cliffs from the ocean, which are a must see!!!!!!!! 

View from Kalalau Lookout Point 
Sunset in the Pacific Ocean
Napali Coast Cliffs

This is one of those places I C.A.N.N.O.T. wait to go back to!! This was a trip I reflect back on constantly because I still cannot believe the sights that I saw were real. Until next time…
Thank you for checking it out!