Come with me to República Dominicana

Un Lugar Hermoso

I have missed writing on here! Life has been “chaotic” to say the least. However, I have to say I am VERY grateful for the few days of rest and relaxation I was able to squeeze in despite the chaos.

I had the chance to visit…Dominican Republic!!!!!

The Blue Waters. The Tranquil Breeze. The White Sand Beaches. The Perfect Weather.  The Endless Dancing. Do I need anymore reasons to want to be there on vacation forever? Also, my beach hair was on fleek! I didn’t even need to do my hair the last two days!

I don’t think words will do justice in describing it’s beauty.  We were lucky to go on an excursion to explore Saona Island and that paradise! If you ever go to  Dominican Republic, along with experiencing the beaches, food, rum, bachata and the night life– you MUST travel to Saona. You have to!!

Punta Cana in Dominican Republic wasn’t a place I fell for right away, it took time (four days to be exact) but by the end of the fourth day, I did not want to leave!! I felt as if there was something that was keeping me from coming back. The place ended up leaving it’s mark on my heart. I think what I really fell in love with was the laid back lifestyle I observed.

The place changed me- in some way- in the 4 days I spent there, I felt as if I learned to be alive. Alive in terms of feeling at peace with myself and feeling content.  You ever have that feeling of just being so content  that deep down in your soul, you feel as if you are complete? I don’t know if it was the weather, the atmosphere, the beauty of the island or what but I felt complete. It could be that I needed a break and that is why I felt that way or maybe the place holds some type of magic over me. I don’t know what is it but I have never felt content with my life but when I was there- I did. I am pretty sure that is why I am having a hard time transitioning back into my life here because I miss that feeling! Needless to say, I CANNOT wait to go back. It is one of those places I know I will find myself in again because I want to explore more of the country. My experience left me wanting more..

Visit in Punta Cana 

Bavaro Beach – One of the most serene and peaceful beaches I have ever been to.

Drinks Point – Experience the local nightlife with great local music and lot’s of dancing!

CocoBongo – This place presents an entirely different nightlife experience. Be prepared to take it all in.

Kat’s Korner – Very inexpensive and really really yummy burritos.

Don Pio’s –  This place makes a great lunch or dinner spot and the mojito’s are pretty darn good!

Saona Island – Paradise. That is all I can say. P-a-r-a-d-i-s-e.

My two cents…

Communication-  It can be hard so brush up on Spanish . Although most people speak/ understand some English, knowing a little bit of Spanish will definitely help!! We were lucky to have a friend who understood and spoke some Spanish with us.

Currency – Most places accept dollars and credit cards. We found that we fared better in paying US dollars for most things rather than Dominican Pesos. If you do convert money there, do it at the resort! We made the mistake of exchanging at the airport and got a much lower rate ( not to mention the lady almost ripped us off). Just be sure to pay close attention that you are getting the exact amount in exchange for what you are giving and check the conversion rate online.

Transportation – Be sure to request the hotel to arrange cabs for you. Do not take the risk of trying to go on the street to find your own. That can be extremely dangerous! It is much safer to make sure you are getting legitimate cab services.

Note to self – Take a good camera to capture the beauty! The phone camera does not do justice. #lessonlearned

 Below are some pictures from a few of the places we visited…
Saona Island 


Bavaro Beach

Bachata lessons on the sailboat to Saona

Mis dos mejores amigos 

Ready to dance the night away 

Fresh Coconut Water ( may or may not be spiked) 


Somewhere along Bavaro Beach

Oh and I almost forgot!! The following songs will forever be associated with this trip! I listen to them on a daily basis. They are my obsession.

Ay Vamos
 Otra Noche