5 Things I have learned in the past 5 years…

1) Regrets – It’s okay to have regrets. Admitting to yourself that you failed, that you messed something up or did something stupid is Okay! Stop associating regrets with negative connotations. It is human to make mistakes, it is human to make stupid decisions and regret them later. It is human to think ” Oh, I should have done that” . Stop telling yourself to have this mentality of having ” no regrets” . This mentality will push you to oppress your thoughts and that is going to drive you insane. Be honest with yourself about regrets. Face them. Accept them. Learn from them. Move on. 

2) YOLO ( aka- you only live once) –  Yes, it’s true- we are living this one life right now but DO NOT use that as an excuse to do stupid things with your life (i.e. getting wasted all the time or spending money you do not have because you know-yolo). Do not fall prey to the hype around the the yolo-ing trend.  Live in the moment by all means but know that what you do today, right now, has a direct impact on your future (yolo or not), so live in the present but also know where to draw the line. 

3) Dependency – Do not depend on others for things you can do for yourself. Be self-sufficient without having to rely on others for aspects related to your life. Other’s cannot bring happiness or success into your life – that is solely your responsibility. 

4) Comparison – Do not! Do not! Absolutely do not compare yourself to others around you. Everyone lives a different life, everyone grows at different paces, everyone advances in their studies, career and relationships at different paces. If you want to compare yourself, compare yourself with the person you were yesterday. Be a better version of yourself. 

5) Time – Your time is valuable. Spend it wisely and spend it with people who matter.  Make time for those who make time for you. It’s simple – we are ALL busy with different things in life but if you can make time for someone out of your busy schedule, then they can do the same for you. Make time for family– there is no such thing as being “too” busy for family time but there is such a thing as not wanting to make time for family and using being too busy as an excuse.

– Dhara